The APA Introductory Psychology Initiative : Check out the new learning outcomes and recommendations on this page.

Facebook Hub for Intro Psych. Over 1000 teachers sharing info. Join now.

Pedagogical Influencer Project (PIP). Social media ready (IG and Tiktoks), short descriptions of how best to study. Share with your students and classes.

Instagram group, @StudyChamp22, to share study techniques with great visuals for students.

A Different Way to teach intro psych. A Tedx talk overview of important aspects of psychology with different activities for students such as terms to watch for, and a quiz on the talk. Have students generate their own “The Importance of Psych” as a capstone assignment. Great for APA IPI integrative themes.

Time Management and Scheduling guides and worksheets for Students (Dartmouth).

Summer 2022 APA IPI Institute Resources

Teaching Introductory Psychology North West (TIP NW). Great info but also see the specific assignments and activities by new IPI Theme.

Psych One : Introductory Psychology Conference

PsychSessions (Podcasts) on Intro Psych

Reinventing Introductory Psychology (Association for Psychological Science).
Society for the Teaching of Psychology, Intro Psych Resources.

Resources from and for the 2021 Summer Intro Psych Planning (SIPP) group.

Project Assessment (Assignments and activities for use in class).

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