If you enjoy teaching and want to be an effective, efficient, and engaging teaching, you have come to the right place. I have taught for over 24 years and am also an active pedagogical researcher with an emphasis on the Introductory Psychology course.  I designed this page to build a community of like-minded individuals, and share better practices.
– Regan A. R. Gurung, Ph.D. (Oregon State University).

Most faculty are not trained in pedagogy. While passionate teachers may ask: Are my students learning? Are my teaching innovations making a difference?, the systematic, intentional ways to answer these questions are not easy.  Focusing on what is going on in the classroom, going beyond content delivery to evaluate learning processes, can yield rich dividends. Research on teaching and learning can improve student learning, help instructors become better teachers, and aid departments and universities (Hutchings, Huber, & Ciccone, 2011). This site is designed to inspire, engage, and educate teachers who want to do the same for their students.

The Hub for Introductory Psychology & Pedagogical Research (HIPPR) provides:

– Key resources in teaching the Introductory Psychology course.
– Great books related to the class.
Literature central for research on Intro Psych and pedagogical research in general,
Collaborators to conduct research,
– A participant pool, faculty willing to open their classes to increase sample sizes, and
Scales for use in Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).
– An overview of key components of model teaching.

Something you want to see here? Want notes of updates? Follow me, @ReganARGurung on Twitter, @rargurung on Instagram, or at the Hub for Intro Psych on Facebook.  If you did not find what you wanted let me know (Regan.Gurung@OregonState.edu).

SPECIAL NOTE: A non-profit entity, HIPPR was first established with support from an Association for Psychological Science (APS) Teaching Grant.  I am grateful to the input of numerous individuals who advised me on the first iteration of HIPPR. Special thanks goes to Jane Halonen, Eric Landrum, Missy Beers, Sue Frantz, Bridgette Martin Hard, Steve Chew, Rob McEntarffer, Maureen McCarthy, and David Daniel.

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