Would YOU like to collaborate on research on teaching and learning?

Sometimes pedagogical research is made difficult by small sample sizes or if one is in a small school with few colleagues to collaborate with. HIPPR hopes to get like minded pedagogical researchers together.  If you are open to collaboration, please enter your name and contact information and areas of interest using this link: I want to get HIPPR.

Looking for collaborators?

Complete this short request form for a list of potential collaborators: HIPPR_COLLABORATE  Collaboration may take the form of designing a study together, gaining statistical or writing help, or any other form of academic work to advance pedagogical research. We will send you an Excel file of names, emails, and interest areas.

Interested in having your students participate in pedagogical research?

Students benefit from the insights gained from participating (Hutchins, Huber, & Ciccone, 2011), and teachers doing SoTL have a chance to increase their samples, replicate findings, or compare their results to different cohorts. List your interest in having your class be a potential sample for future studies. Jump into the HIPPR_POOL

PLEASE NOTE:  If you would like access to your student data, please discuss this with the researcher and ensure it fits standard IRB protocol.

Need a Larger Sample?

Doing research and looking for other classes to test questions, increase your sample size or compare conditions?  Teachers interested in recruiting participants from other other schools may use the HIPPR pool (names on the list have consented to be solicited). Please email the instructor with a brief description of the study, exactly what will be required from the instructor,  and the text of the invitation to students. If you are looking for instructors willing to volunteer their classes for research, follow this link: HIPPR_Pool

PLEASE NOTE:  When you contact an instructor from the pool, please provide as much detail on your study as possible including student consent forms, survey questions, and full directions. Optimally, also provide IRB approval and be willing to share the IRB application. An invitation to use a class does not assume a publication or collaboration opportunity but is a discussion item for you and the participating instructor.

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