Participant Pool

Are you interested in having your students participate in pedagogical research? Students benefit from the insights gained from participating (Hutchins, Huber, & Ciccone, 2011), and teachers doing SoTL have a chance to increase their samples, replicate findings, or compare their results to different cohorts.

Your interest can be listed  on HIPPR for as a potential sample for future studies. Join us here: HIPPR_POOL
Doing research and looking for other classes to test questions, increase your sample size, compare conditions?  Teachers interested in recruiting participants from other other schools may use the HIPPR pool (names on the list have consented to be solicited). Please email the instructor with a brief description of the study, exactly what will be required from the instructor,  and the text of the invitation to students.
To share links to studies or have their students participate in studies:  LINK COMING SOON.
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